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Evening Day 54 (maybe after elf butt is dragged back in from cold?) voicemail; @zd

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[He wound up needing to work off his nerves after a certain conversation.
So, this comes in after a cold and long day of searching the slope.]

Hey, man. It's Zell. Earlier, there was some guy on the welcome entry who said you're dead. He has the same last name and says he is from the same place. He wouldn't believe me that you're here. His name is Emma... [There is a pause as he tries to figure how to say it. The guy never verbally said it. :<

Screw it, he'll just spell it out.]
E-M-M-A-N-E-L-L-A-I-N. Anyways, he was pretty upset.
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[Hopefully he doesn't have his ears too close to tablet!]

What!? But how can you be dead? You're here, right? Are you sure you... you know died?

[Well, there was the obituaries and people coming back from being eaten by monsters. But it was different from snagging someone who was dead where they came from, right?]

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Late night 77, @totheark, text

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why doyou care so m u c h
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itmakes no sen se

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Morning 81; voice-to-text; hotstud_xxx

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We're trapped by monsters in a house north of the chapel. Heading to the clinic over by the funeral home when we can. Head that way. We'll meet up with you there.
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Yeah. Whenever we can actually move. The house south of where we were attacked by lizards. The one you can get to the school easiest from.
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Day 91 morning; text

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good morning brother, now that i have had the proper chance to access my surroundings, 'twould appear i am southeast of the school. are you near it, by chance?
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halone be praised
here i had feared you might be yet further from me
worry not i will remain here till you arrive
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Afternoon 92| text; @zd

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Did you and your brother meet up yet?
Is he okay after all of that craziness with the tablets?

@zd; text

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Re: Day 94

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Evening 93; text; @zd

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[After this private conversation.]

Yo! I have something else for you, too.
Dr. Grinch Hotstudd told me to pass them your way for your pain.

text; @zd

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@ASolomons; audio; day 130

[personal profile] devoutish 2016-06-23 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah - didn't get much of a chance to discuss this while you were underground, but I've got your coat.
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@jwatson; audio; Day 138

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Haurchefant, whenever you can Tifa get to safety, let me know. Solomons and Fiona are safe, Duster and I, too. If you get eaten again, I'm bloody well banning you from playing lure, all right?

[His tone is only half-joking.]

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@Mnemosyne; voice; Day 143, after Merlwyb's post

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[Beckett is tired, and his broken nose isn't really helping him sound better. But he clearly has other foremost concerns here.]

The talk on @dreadnought's post got... interesting. Are you quite all right?

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@Mnemosyne; voice; Day 161, ~5AM

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[He'd waited before contacting Haurchefant, despite the urge to talk to him as soon as he woke from death again and gotten the bearings of what was happening around him. Partly because he didn't want to burden the other man with his panic as he's done to too many others, and partly because what had brought the panic about. Reality was falling in shambles about them again, and he... every time, he was back with the same suspicion, the same fear.

He's held off until he thinks, now, that he can talk about it rationally. That, if Haurchefant needs some reassurance, he might be able to offer the rudiments of it. But he still sounds weary and not a little on edge. And it is an ungodly hour.]

Haurchefant? Not exercising in the snow yet, I hope...?

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action; day 164

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[after their cursory search of the museum's eastern wing fails to yield any real results, the museum crew settles in to rest for the night.

as usual, francel has found a clean area to lay their various pieces of cloth out into a makeshift bed. he has to hobble a bit, given that he's injured his ankle a second time, but in the end haurchefant will find him lying on their pile of blankets, poking about on his tablet. after uploading the wrong video, he has a lot of people to reply to...]

Haurchefant? Will you be coming to bed soon?

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